For our first litter of kittens with Candy, Aksum's Linc was the sire. He is a beautiful Red and Chocolate carrying Cinnamon and Dilute. Linc has beautiful rich color nice ear set, an athletic well-proportioned body, and a sweet, loving personality to pass on to his kittens, which include our beautiful queen Piper. Mikey was our new rare colors stud until he went to live in Iowa.

Here are some of our other stud cats:

Jaxx at 7 months old
Ruddy male born
Helmi Flick Cat Photography

We co-own Jaxx with Aksum Abyssinians and Cedarwood Cattery and used him as a stud. We now own a son of Jaxx named Kramer.

Congratulations to Jaxx, who is now a CFA Champion & TICA International Award Winner, Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, and Triple Regional Award Winner! As planned, he now lives with his original owner at Cedarwood Cattery.

Helmi Flick Cat Photography

CFA Champion and
TICA LA IW RW SGC Fenix Basement Jaxx
Nickname: Jaxx
Born April 10, 2011


Jaxx is our second stud boy, co-owned with Aksum and Cedarwood catteries.

Jaxx is a sweet elegant boy imported all the way from Siberia, Russia! He has a nicely outcrossed pedigree from mostly European lines. We thank all of the people involved who helped to get him here, especially his breeders at Fenix Abyssinians!

Helmi Flick Cat Photography

Jaxx is now a CFA Champion from the February 11, 2012 Carolina Sophisticats show!

Jaxx is now a Supreme Grand Champion in TICA!

Jaxx is officially a TICA International Winner!!

Jaxx is a Triple Regional Award Winner and also winner of the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award!


Ruddy Male Abyssinian

Ch Spiritcat Who's On First of BlueRiver
Born January 19, 2011

Murphy was from Spiritcat Abyssinians in middle Tennessee near Nashville. He was Blue River's very first stud boy, double registered in TICA and CFA.

Murphy was a total outcross to all of our queens. We had some adorable kittens from him before he was retired to a loving Forever Home.

Photo by Blue River Abyssinians

Photo by Chanan

QGC Greenville Kopper Flash of Aksum
Born: February 4, 2010
Nickname: Kopper

Kopper was our newest outcrossed stud male in our CFA breeding program. He is also registered in TICA and is a Quad Grand Champion in TICA. Aksum Abyssinians and Blue River Abyssinians shared our studs.

Kopper at 9 months old
Photo by Chanan

Kopper is a cinnamon, also known as red in CFA and sorrel in the UK and Australia. He is a very sweet, loving, and intelligent Aby.

He had with kittens with River and was paired up with other Blue River and Aksum queens.

Kopper at 9 months old
Photo by Chanan

Kopper is also part European and Russian, and was born in Greenville cattery in Moscow, Russia. He is quite the world traveler.

Kopper was neutered and retired to a wonderful pet home in April 2013.

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