"We think she's beautiful, of course, and she rules the roost here. It was a perfect day and Cricket enjoyed sitting in window wells and the screened in-porch.  Just want you to know we adore this little one and can't imagine what life was like without her!"

Our Cricket continues to thrive; she may become a decent study cat--which will make my husband happy--but now she's an active kitten who learned to fetch (she taught us) after about a week with us. She's getting along with our red Aby just fine--a little grooming, some play, no hostility at all, and we've seen them curled up together a couple of times. We're considering getting another Aby kitten so she can go through life together (two-by-two--as in Noah's ark!) with a friend. I have been casually looking at other web sites in this area, but I can honestly say I love the cats I've seen on the Blue River web site."

(Cricket is Baja & Leo's kitten, delivered May 2012)

Here's some photos of Katie 'helping' me in my studio--I don't necessarily get a lot of work done, but we are both so happy!   She has taken to sleeping under the covers with us, just crawls underneath and sleeps all night like a good girl.  She's so silly and wonderful!
Thanks, Amy—Georgia

(Katie is Baja & Vlane's kitten, and was re-homed by us to Amy in May 2012 when her owner could no longer care for her because of an illness in the family. We will always take them back!)

Boomer at 16 weeks. First vet visit today. Doing well. Had 16 week shot and rabies shot (required in Tenn). Weighed 4 lbs.

Update on Boomer. Sunday was weird for him with a new home and new people, but we used the Gerber (baby food) to become his new friend. Each day he was more and more adjusted and now has his own personal hiding places. I think he realized that the whole house was his and no competition for attention or affection. Also he has two full time staff!


(Boomer is River & Leo's kitten, delivered May 2012)

The vet was quite impressed by all that the wonderful breeder had done: shots, microchipped, spayed. I told her that you were responsible and caring.

Ally is well socialized.  (We were watching old Ally McBeal shows.)  Less freaked out by the big friendly dog  - couple of nose to nose touches without hissing, but in general still keeping her distance.

The vet appointment was early morning.  She slept a lot after getting her last shots, but today is exploring and playful.  Lots of progress!

And more recently: I (we) love this cat.  She is such a character (not just a rare beauty).


(Ally is Baja & Vlane's blue kitten, delivered December 2011)

I went to the vet today.  I am in perfect health.  I had a blood test and got weighed.  I rode in the car in my new pet carrier.  I didn't mind the ride.  I am a happy cat.  I weigh 2.12 pounds.  My humans give me treats when I get in my carrier and treats whenever I come running to them.  It is easy to manipulate these two.  Say hi to Mom and Sis.
Peace & Aloha, Mololo
John & Corki—California

(Mololo is Dreamer & Traveler's male kitten, delivered December 2011)

The young fellow has wasted no time in taking over our household.  He and Sienna already hang out together; he is very affectionate toward both of us and follows us everywhere; last night he went up to my penned 70-pound Beauceron and told him off in no uncertain terms (the poor Beauce looked at me with the widest eyes - what is this spitting little thing?!).  He likes to retype my e-mail messages as I write them.  He's unbelievably athletic for such a mite - I may have to move my poor birds up even higher than I had to for Sienna.  He's eating well - drinking well - using the litterbox.  We are totally delighted with him! Thanks so much for entrusting him to us.
From later on: Just a quick note to tell you how delighted we are with Hobnob.  He is doing wonderfully well and never fails to keep us entertained.  He is a charming combination of high energy, bold swagger, and cuddly sweetness.  He and Sienna, our Somali girl (who just turned a year old) get along famously. Thanks again for this delightful kitten.  I am having to sit in a slightly uncomfortable slumped position right now at the computer to accomodate his wish to sleep curled up on my chest.  Well, it's a small price to pay.

(Hobnob is Candy & Traveler's chocolate male kitten, delivered February 2011)
P.S.: Later on, Hobnob's Somali friend Sienna needed a blood transfusion and Hobnob was able to help her.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support through the past year.  My Blueriver Sex Linked Red Boy ‘San Marco Polo' is happy, healthy and sweet!  They have even been there for me with questions/concerns for my other kitty that didn’t come from them.   I couldn’t be happier.

(Marco is Piper & Rocket's kitten, delivered July 2011)

Roxy has been a wonderful addition to our family. Our experience with Blue River Abys was exceptional. The lines of communication were open during the entire adoption process and after. I am thankful to have found such a caring reliable breeder. We love our Aby Roxy, she is loving, curious, intelligent and healthy.

(Roxy is Cheyenne & VLane's kitten, delivered February 2012)
Cheyenne is Candy & Traveler's blue daughter, littermate to Hobnob above.

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